Eurasian Eagle-Owl ‘Flaco’ Dies After Escaping Central Park Zoo: Vandalism Suspected

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 The Eurasian eagle-owl “Flaco”, who escape from the Central Park Zoo and later in life, loose in Manhattan attracted ...

Julian Assange

Julian Assange’s Legal Team Denies Politically Motivated Charges by the US Government!

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 On Wednesday US government lawyers told a London court that why they think Julian Assange should face espionage charges ...

White House

First Lady Jill Biden Unveils Enchanting White House Christmas Decor: A Magical Journey Through Joy and Wonder

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  Washington — Eighty-nine Christmas trees, more than 142,000 shimmering lights, and nearly 34,000 ornaments deck the halls of the ...


NUAR Groundbreaking Digital Maps Fuel Economic Growth and Safety Advances Across England and Wales

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Digital maps of subterranean facilities, including gas and water pipelines, power and broadband infrastructure, and other facilities,are now accessible throughout ...

Garnacho bicycle kick

Top 3 Moments: Garnacho’s Sensational Bicycle Kick Propels Manchester United in Premier League Rankings

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This season, we’ve witnessed several amazing feats in the Premier League, including possibly the best goal of the year. Alejandro ...