Top 3 Moments: Garnacho’s Sensational Bicycle Kick Propels Manchester United in Premier League Rankings

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Garnacho bicycle kick

This season, we’ve witnessed several amazing feats in the Premier League, including possibly the best goal of the year.

Alejandro Garnacho, a winger for Manchester United, outdid Jordan Pickford, the goalkeeper for Everton, with an incredible bicycle kick that brought back memories of Wayne Rooney’s famous overhead kick against Manchester City in 2011.

Put that away at the Smithsonian. Louvre! Place it everywhere! Very amazing! What an objective!As if there wasn’t already enough insane behavior, he also established the tone for the other games versus Man City. After taking a 1-0 lead in the third minute of play, United won 3-0 overall.

Who is Alejandro Garnacho?


Garnacho, a 19-year-old forward, spent most of his youth playing in the youth system of Atlético Madrid. He joined United in July 2021 after moving through the United system since October 2020.

In his last three seasons in the Premier League, Garnacho has made 32 appearances, scoring four goals and providing two assists. His first goal came in the 2023-24 season. He now joins the likes of Bruno Fernandes and Scott McTominay with three goals each for Manchester United.

Garnacho is certainly a showman even though he isn’t a prolific scorer. After his goal against Everton, he even jokingly proposed a celebration similar to Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous Pirouette to the Portuguese fans. He knew that the goal going viral.

How good is Alejandro Garnacho?

Any player compared to Ronaldo should give some indication of his potential level of talent, though these comparisons can also be attributed to the fact he plays with Man Utd and his position.

Also, the young player has been known to copy Ronaldo’s famed celebration.

Like Ronaldo in his early days, Garnacho has pace and power which allow him to terrify defenders, and at just 17-years-old, his physicality will only progress.

Born in Spain, Garnacho is also eligible to play for Argentina due to his mother.

He has already received shock call-up to the full Argentina squad, though he didn’t make his debut, and scored his first senior goal for Man Utd in the Europa League against Real Sociedad.

What clubs are interested?

Dortmund and Real Madrid wanted Garnacho before he joined Man Utd, and over 20 clubs are reportedly keeping an eye on him.

When does his contract expire?

Garnacho’s current contract at Man Utd expires in June 2023.

How old is he?

Garnacho was born on 1 July 2004. He is 18.

What is he’s height?

Garnacho is 180cm, or around 5ft 9in.

What is his Instagram?

Garnacho’s Instagram has 2 million followers as of November 2022.

Who is his girlfriend?

Garnacho is in a relationship with Eva Garcia.

Is this the goal of the season?

After the match against Everton, Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag told reporters that it’s “probably the goal of the season,” though he was quick to add a touch of diplomacy.

However, there’s still time to enter the competition for “goal of the year”.

This could be a controversy, as Lens was not only part of the Premier League, but it was also a moment of friendship.
It stated that it was against Manchester United and shared enough links to create a list.

Even if it wasn’t a long shot, the bicycle kick within the box needed to be executed with courage.

Aside from these two objectives, I’ve already begun searching for matches in which Garnacho faced off against defenders who used bicycle kicks. How unrealistic his ambitions can become is still to be seen.

What position does Manchester United hold in the Premier League standings?

Manchester United is currently positioned sixth in the Premier League. So, despite losing 4-3 to FC Copenhagen in the UEFA Champions League on November 8, they have won their previous three Premier League games. They gave an excellent showing in the November Premier League matches.

On December 2, United will play Newcastle at Old Trafford in the Premier League. The game begins at 3:30 PM.

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